The Transfer of Wealth Opportunity

Pierce County is a place of abundance. According to the 2020 Pierce County Transfer of Wealth Study*, our current household net worth is $269 billion. This is the total value of assets in our community –homes, businesses, investments. Over the next 10 years, $48.6 billion of those assets will be transferring from estates to the next generation. $482 billion is expected to transfer over the next 50 years. If concerned, caring community members like you designated 10% of your estate to charitable organizations and causes you cared about, we could transform our region for future generations.

Here is the study at this link. Lakewood's reported household net worth is $19 Billion. In the next 10 years, $3.1 Billion of that will change hands with estate reconciliation. If charitable organizations could only receive 10% of that wealth.....