2024 Grants Awarded


The Lakewood Community Foundation Fund (LCFF) recently announced their grants for 2024. The LCFF is an endowed fund of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation and was allotted $39,600 for grant distribution for the year.  All grants are stipulated to benefit the Lakewood community.

Clover Park Rotary                                          $4000             

Partners for Parks                                           $5000             

Springbrook Connections                               $2000             

Tillcum-Woodbrook Community Center        $2000             

CPTC Foundation                                            $4000             

Raising Girls                                                    $1000

Greater Lakes Mental Health                         $4000

Kid Connect                                                    $1000             

Nourish                                                           $5000

Communities in Schools                                 $4000

YMCA                                                              $1200

Lakewood Playhouse                                      $3000

Network Tacoma                                            $1000             

Lakewood Baseball                                         $ 400

Lakewood Historical Society                           $2000